Authenticate YOUR Birth!

In this course you will be prepared for the most transformational birth outcome. 

I will share with you my personal journey and what I learned about preparing for what led up to my decisions to homebirth and help other women and families create the birth experiences they want for themselves.


1.) How to create a steady and sustainable support team. 

2.) The 3 NON-negotiables you need in order to eliminate overwhelm and focus on a BOSS Birth outcome. #SweetLife

3.) How to identify and eliminate the non-essentials that keep you busy, out of focus, and lead to unnecessary stress.

I have had three children myself and one on the way-- And have helped plenty others along their individual birth paths. This way I was not limited to only supporting homebirth families.

My goal is to help families have a completely SWEET birth outcome Like A BOSS. 

I want you to feel good about taking back your birth experience into your own hands. Owning your time, values, and culture in a way that releases your inner Queen Bee.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To The HIVE!

    • Meet The Facilitator

    • How to Prepare for This Course

  • 2

    You Have Now Entered The Beehive Zone...

    • Next Steps...

    • Before You Swarm Off...

    • Sweet Talk

This is your opportunity to come face to face with your own maternal power to Birth Like A BOSS...